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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 4, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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new trial. good evening i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter, here's what people are talking about tonight. the judge ordered the jurors to stop talking about the case, but the jurors haven't. how this is going to affect the mayor's case. >> reporter: probably not likely. one of the key arguments that mayor dixon's defense team is that jurors communicated inappropriately about the case on facebook. >> i felt that she abused her position. >> reporter: calling them the facebook friends, the mayor's lawyers claim that six of the jurors communicated privately online. the court has instructed these jurors not to discus the dixon
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trial with anybody. but the jurors have continued communicating on facebook. with juror three recently befriending another juror. and juror 12 says, if you see me on the news, remember, you don't know me. and blank the judges. bottom line, you don't know me. another juror referring to another as mr. stranger. legal analyst andrew leavy. >> if you take a step back ward, this is just talk. if there's a question in my mind as to whether this really goes to the heart of anything. >> reporter: the jurors likely aren't in any trouble, but the defense will be able to question them about those facebook posts. leavc does not believe that issue or others the defense has
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raised including one juror forgetting to reveal winning a grant from the city, and another being convicted will likely not hurt the trial. if he gets anything other than probation, she'll be out of office. >> thank you very much, mike. dixon also has a perjury trial scheduled for march. stay with wjz for coverage of the uncertain future of mayor dixon. new information tonight on the alleged confrontation with guns in the wizard's locker room. >> reporter: the wizard have released a statement. he said he took his guns out of
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the locker on december 23rd in a misguided effort to play a trick on his teammate. the agent for the other player involved said his client did nothing wrong. arenas pulled the gun on crindenton on the alleged gambling debt. then crindenton pulled a gun on arenas. >> and arenas has claimed to keep unloaded guns in the locker room because he thought new laws allowed him to. let's take a live look outside right now, it is clear. but it continues to be -- there's our live shot. continues to be gusty making it seem or feel colder than it really is. wjz is live with our first
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warning coverage. mike schuh is live at the hospital where emergency rooms are beginning to see an effect. but we begin with bernadette woods. we do have the flurries coming down from the northwest, with the sun setting all of that is starting to die down. here are the winds out there. they are not as harsh as they were. you can see coming down a little bit from earlier in this show. the temperatures are too. 39degrees is where we sit in baltimore. you factor in that wind and it feels like it's in the teens for a lot of us. we are going to continue to drop, and then a new round is coming in. our first warner weather coverage continues, with mike schuh. >> reporter: every time there is a cold snap, the emergency rooms get busy here and in surrounding areas. but who's walking through the
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doors may surprise you. this weather is hard on pipes and people. these workers have to go down to that hole filled with ice and water. the trash man can't escape the chill, and many people won't get paid unless they're out here regardless of the temperature and wind. but these people are not the kind that end up in the emergency room due to the cold. emergency room doctors say the average person is very good in bundling up. but they have seen an increase in the alcoholic, the homeless and the mentally ill. people who can't, won't, or are unable to get out of the cold. >> we are seeing patients coming in very cold, they can have some cardiac issues. that's the biggest issue that gives serious concern. >> reporter: helen fry has for the third day in a row a battery that won't start.
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>> i've lived in denver for three years, and i've never experienced anything like that. >> reporter: she called aaa. how many of the folks needed a jump and how many bought a battery from you? >> i would say half and half. a lot of jump starts and a lot of tire changes. >> if you have to go out, bundle up, try to stay out as little as you can. >> reporter: reporting live, mike schuh, vic back to you. >> stay with wjz for updates on the forecast or live weather any time, log on to fighting crime in 2010, a new year brings new priorities
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for the baltimore city police department. adam may reports, police commissioner is zeroing in on a gate way crime that leads to more serious crimes. >> reporter: gun crimes in baltimore dropped, the murder rates near a 20 year low. but the police commissioner says there's a lot more work ahead. >> you're going to hear me talking in 2010 a lot about armed robbery. armed robbery. >> reporter: and here's why. >> same idiots running around with guns, harming people that are just trying to live their lives in peace and secure their families and enjoy baltimore. >> reporter: the commissioner wants improved investigative techniques to send more cases to the court. he describes armed robbery as an open gate to more serious crimes. >> if it happened over here, it can happen over there. >> reporter: and a crime that
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scared business owners when armed robbers tied up a vendor. robberies did drop 11% from 2009. still the commissioner issued this challenge to his officers. >> i'm setting a pretty high bar for us to say, on top of that good work, we have a lot more to do next year. >> reporter: last year in baltimore, street robberies were down 23%, and carjackings down 28%. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. now even though most crimes in baltimore decreased last year, many other major cities saw even larger drops. true fans always believed in the purple, and it paid off. we have coverage with mary
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bubala who is live with more. >> reporter: well vic, everybody is so pumped that the ravens have made it to the postseason. they have a lot of faith in the raven, but first these fans need to find some play off purple. the first sign of ravens play off fever seen right here at screen preupters in dundelk. here it is the believe in purple with ray and joe. >> we're trying to come up with something purple. >> if they win in new england, you'll have to come up with another shirt. >> we had a beat indy shirt before. >> reporter: i think we need a beat indy shirt. >> i hope so. >> reporter: 4,000 a day can be produced, and they really are, if you want to say, hot off the
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press. inside the light street pavilion stores, they are gearing up to gear up fans in everything purple. what's the hottest purple selling item? >> at first it was flacco, but now it's ray rice. >> reporter: tell me about your level of excitement? >> level of excitement? i'm about a five. >> reporter: a five? do you think if we win next weekend you'll be at an eight. >> nine, and if we go win the super bowl, i'll be a 10. >> they're going to win, and they're going to win the super bowl by three. >> reporter: and all these items will be in your stores tomorrow. and let's go to sports
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director mark viviano. he was with the ravens in oakland. >> reporter: with the postseason, it's a brands new season and anything can happen. just look at what the ravens did last year. they were the last seed, but then came within one game. here they are one year later with a chance to do it again. in a season of ups and downs, the ravens knocked down the oakland raiders when they needed to clench a play off birth. part of a run away game for mcgahee that included three tds. >> it starts over, no records mean nothing. it's 0-0. big dog comes out on top. >> that's your goal in training camp, just to get in the play offs, then you have a chance. that's what we have, and you know it's been a great season. i think the ups and downs and
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kind of what we've endured and certain things we had to go through has made us the team we are. >> reporter: the ravens play off assignment is a trip to new england to face the patriots. the pats beat the ravens in a close game in october, baltimore's first shot. >> we lost a close game, and we know what happened at the end there, so we definitely want to take another shot. >> reporter: clenching a postseason berth is a significant accomplishment, but the ravens are not about to throw a party for getting in. >> the only thing you can celebrate is a win at the super bowl. and we're not going to do it till then. >> reporter: coach harbaugh spoke at a press conference this morning, we'll talk about
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what he said about joe flacco. i'll have that and more coming up a little bit later on in sports, back to you for now. >> thank you, mark. you can see the ravens face off with the patriots in new england next sunday, coverage will start at 7:00 a.m. >> - - coverage will start at 7:00 p.m. >> and you thought the screaming had stopped at your house. >> well, that's 24/seven, 365. >> screaming for the ravens. winter, weather and skin. how to combat dry healthy hands. how many longer will this
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cold snap continue. here's a live look outside, we'll have your complete first warning weather coming up.
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police still aren't sure how it happened. >> reporter: rescue divers had to cut their way through ice to rescue a car in the middle of rock creek park. how it got here and when is part of the investigation. >> anything we find on the
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scene, skid marks or broken trees is part of the investigation. right now we haven't determined where the tree came from. >> reporter: inside the car they found joshua coleman, a resident of arlington, virginia. coleman graduated last year from john hopkins. >> we do know he was a member of john hopkins soccer team for possibly a year. and you know that he played club soccer in addition. >> reporter: young and athletic, coleman was freed by rescuers and taken to the hospital, everyone though he appeared lifeless. >> 20 year olds and younger are known to come back quickly. >> the body shuts down when you fall into water this cold.
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the organs will shut down. we've had cases where we were able to resuscitate people. >> reporter: but there was no miracle this time. josh coleman died at the hospital. police do not believe anyone else was in the car when it plunged into rock creek. six people are hospitalized after an apartment fire in glen burnie. three of the victims are children. the fire broke out sunday morning. firefighters are investigating an unattended pot on the stove as a cause. legislators will discuss giving themselves a pay raise during these tough times. >> reporter: at the state house it happens every four years, an independent compensation commission meets to find out if
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and how much of a pay raise elected officials will get, and this year it doesn't sit well with the union that represents state employees who are still reeling from lay offs last year. >> this notion that the legislators should increase their package or their pay at this point in the economy is absurd, it's i can't understand how the commission will look at that. >> reporter: the general assembly will have to make the final decision, and with maryland facing a shortfall and more cuts, raises sound out of the question. >> we've had to do a lot of really difficult things. we've had to make some unprecedented cut, i think this is an awful time to approve a
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pay increase. and i don't plan to take one myself. >> do i think we need a raise? absolutely not. if it's tied to the economy being better in 2013, 2015, yes, then that might be an option. >> reporter: the compensation commission might make their final recommendations when they meet on tuesday at the university of maryland. the general assembly will then have to vote the recommendations up or down. at federal hill, i'm the derek valcourt. well, i think we ran out of ways of saying how cold it is. and how it feels out there. >> i know, unfortunately we're going to be talking about it for a little bit. we know it's january, it's supposed to get come. but this is colder than normal. we're already down to 29
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degrees. with that wind gusting out of the west making it feel colder and we'll have that forecast when we come back. ,, i calculate my own payroll. it works... pretty well. right, guys? announcer: there's an easier way. do your payroll with intuit online payroll. just enter employee hours. it calculates all the taxes and creates paychecks.
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you know, despite the fact that it's been so cold. it didn't keep people inside, you know these past few days.
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these past few days of the holiday and vacation. a lot of folks are still out there in the malls and shopping. >> they're going to the malls and movie theaters because it's warm in there. i want to giver you a look at first warning radar. notice just how all this coverage really starts to disintegrate as the sun has now set. that's where it's getting its energy from, and we're going to continue to see that tomorrow. here's how we started out the day, with some sunshine out there, then those clouds started to building up. and again that's where we're going to see in the next few days as we're looked in the same pattern. we've seen accumulating snow for a few days now, once again we have a winter weather advisory which has been extended into the day tomorrow because snow is piling up in north western facing slopes. winds out of the northwest have
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come down since this weekend but they are still up. 30 right now in d.c., those are the temperatures, but the gusts have been close to that too. those are the temperatures right now when you factor it all together. 19 in baltimore, 18 degrees in hagerstown. 19degrees today, that is above freezing, we haven't been there since friday. out to the west, a little bit of light snow out there. but in between, we're just getting those flurries coming down from the northwest. and as we said, the same idea through the day tomorrow and wednesday. here's the cold air. this is the biggest story around the entire country. it's come all the way down into dallas, in the 30s today for highs. we're seeing 30 degrees right now in new orleans. temperatures below freezing all the way down into the florida peninsula overnight and it's 55 at this point in miami. all of us feeling this cold, we will continue through tomorrow
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and on wednesday. and thursday into friday, there's a new storm that's going to come our way. there's a chance for a little bit of snow with this storm, but the thing is, it's going to reenforce the cold air behind it. some of the high temperatures going back down once again. here is how it looks as far as the bay forecast, there we go, we get back on it. winds out of the northwest gusting tonight, we're going down into the 20s for our lows, then tomorrow only recovering till about 34 degrees. it'll be breezy, cold, maybe some flurries out there. we'll have your five day coming up a little bit later. >> but don't hope for any change in the five day. >> no. still to come, another security breach, the salahi's aren't the only ones that have gotten into the white house uninvited. making the skies safer to fly. the new rules in place to help prevent another scare. i'm weijia jiang, coming up
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next hear from the family of a missing woman since thanksgiving. and who police are looking for. and the ravens are riding high and their going to the play offs. but how do they feel about their quarterback's sub par performance yesterday? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 6:29, 29 degrees and breezy. good evening, thanks for staying with eyewitness news. international travelers are finding security a lot tighter for flights to the united states. new security measures are now in effect in 14 countries. jana choi has the latest from newarck airport. >> reporter: pat downs, full body scans and full checks of luggage. travelers from 14 countries are encountering new tougher security screening for flights to the united states. >> it's difficult. but we have to do it. >> reporter: in newarck passengers on international flights say security was very tight every step of the way. >> if they went through all of
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the carry on suitcases, everything was opened up. and they did pat us down, they were very thorough. >> reporter: the new measures after an attempt to blow up a plane on christmas day. there's new concerns, a man was seen coming in through an emergency exit, never being checked. airport security will be among the first order orders of business when president obama returns to work. >> the transportation security administration outlined the new security rules in a directive
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sent to airlines sunday. a washington, d.c. couple shocked the nation after getting into a state house dinner at the white house without an invitation. kai is live in the newsroom with a new admission from the security team. >> reporter: that's right, the secret service was reviewing how to the salahis got into the dinner without being on the guest list, that's when it was discovered a third person got into the dinner as well. the third guest was not on the data guest of people prescreened, but he did go through other screenings such as metal detectors and
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screenings. police are looking for a mother missing for three week, they are also looking for furniture that could reveal information of what happened to her. detectives are certain someone knows where she is. >> it's been real rough, it's been hell on earth. >> reporter: foster's family members have gone through the worse holiday season of their lives. the 23-year-old woman has been missing since thanksgiving, foster's mother tony owens is convinced she's never coming back home. >> i think about her every minute, every second she's out there decomposed, laying some where. but hopefully the snow has gone and maybe someone will walk across her. >> reporter: detectives are scouring the area for a critical piece of potential evidence, along with foster, the love seat that matches this couch is missing from her apartment. an anonymous caller recently called the police with information that may lead to a
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break in the case. but the call was never completed, and now police are desperate to communicate with the person who was online. >> the anonymous caller had information about where this love seat might be, unfortunately we were not able to get enough information. >> will you please call police, let them know what you know. you can remain anonymous, but this couch is very important to us. dna, her body, her fluids, her blood, something is on that couch. >> reporter: as police look for any clues as all, foster's baby looks for her mom. >> you love mommy. >> little ariel constantly hugs his mom's picture. and until they get closure, they will remain looking for her. >> i just need some peace.
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>> reporter: weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> if someone picked up the love seat on the road or at a dump, they will not be in trouble, but the couch needs to be turned in immediately. baker requested the environmental agency to request the bill, the bill aims to cut down pollution. if you're looking for a job, baltimore may be the place to find one. charm city ranks as the third easiest place to find a job. san jose california came in second. as a state maryland ranked fifth. detroit and michigan ranked the worse among states. and look for here's a
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quick look at the stories you will find on tomorrow's baltimore sun. an interview with anne tyler about her new novel noah's compass. and speaking to the ravens about their play off clench. all of these stories and more will be on the baltimore sun. and if the weather has your skin feeling dry, there's something you can do. >> reporter: when the temperatures drop, skin can get painfully dry. >> itchy, red, flaky, it gets a lot worse in the winter. >> you do look very dry. the number one way to
6:37 pm
combat dry skin is to moisturize. sunscreen isn't just for summer. >> on a winter day, even if you're just going to be sitting inside near a window, ultra rays can come through the window. stay out of the tanning bed, it's the worse thing for you skin. >> reporter: when it's bitter cold out most of us put on a winter hat and gloves, but some fabrics like wool can actually irritate overly dry skin. in the winter the things that might not bother you in the summer will bother you in the winter. like wool, fragrance. >> reporter: a feeling that joe smith knows too well. >> you feel like you're being cut with a knife, then you get inside and your face is completely red and completely dried out. >> reporter: so stock up on moisturizer, even consider using vaseline.
6:38 pm
limit using hot water and soap and keep those humidifiers running. drink plenty of water . >> drinking plenty of water doesn't just keep you hydrated but keeps your skin looking younger. unveiling the world's tallest building, it's now on display, where it's located. deadly shooting, gunfire erupts in a federal building. the latest on the shooter and the gun. and i'm meteorologist bernadette woods, we'll have your latest weather forecast. and at this hour, for the and at this hour, for the updated foreca,, i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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(announcer) new icy hot no mess applicator. wherever you hurt. it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain, no mess.
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gunfire started the workweek in a federal building. kai joins us with more on the shooting that claimed two jobs. >> reporter: police say he walked into the lobby with a shotgun and just started shooting. a 65-year-old court security officer was killed and a deputy u.s. marshal was shot and taken to the hospital in serious
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condition. the gunman was also later shot and killed after what witnesses described as a sustained gun battle. his identity has not been released but authorities believe he acted alone, vic. >> thank you kai. offers of senator harry reed and henson were shot at, neither of them were in their offices when the shooting took place. bobby delora was escorted to jail. the 65-year-old was sentenced to 18 months. he is most likely for convicted the man who killed evers in 1967. a inauguration as houston's new mayor is sworn in. anise parker became the first openly gay mayor of the country's fourth largest city. her partner held the bible
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during today's ceremony. parker told the crowd, she feels the excitement and joy of the city's gay community. she received 64% of the vote in december's run often election. thousands of people gathered today in dubai to celebrate the opening of the world's tallest building. onlookers watched a fireworks display. standing 2,700 feet tall. the dubai tower is twice as high as the empire building. the tower was open in the midst of a financial crisis in dubai. developers say it will still be successful. hi there vic and denise. coming up is a new decade, from war to the economy to the environment, what is america doing to meet the challenges ahead. we'll preview our network wide series, where america stands.
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plus despite all our problems, a new, cbs poll shows an awful lot of optimism about our future. we'll find out more on next. here's a look at closing numbers from wall street,,,,,,,,
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winter is here, and the season can get very cold. will tomorrow be any different? meteorologist bernadette woods is in the newsroom with what we can expect yesterday. >> it's going to be more of the same. temperatures are cold, as we head through the afternoon, temperatures not going up that much. the clouds will build in, there could be a couple of flurries as we head through the afternoon. the same idea on wednesday, but then on thursday, we start to see a few changes here. you notice temperatures creeping up, not even into the 40s but creeping up from where they are right now. a storm could bring us temperatures in the 40s before refreshing up on the weekend. the new season of the bachelor kicks awe on abc tonight. but first only et can fake you
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inside jake pevelkos bachelor pad. it is the house that jake rebuilt. the texans moved into this home a year ago and did all the remodeling himself. he's also good in the kitchen. >> my most romantic dinner would have to be a lemon chicken or chicken borcada. >> reporter: and the one room he had to get right was the bedroom. >> i guess you spend half of your life in the bedroom. don't you? >> reporter: while he's not giving anything away, jake seems pleased with the results. >> we finished about two weeks ago. and one thing that i did do is stay true to myself. i didn't necessarily do what everybody expected me to do. i followed my heart. >> good for you jake, also tonight tiger woods stripped down on the new cover of vanity fair. plus exclusive new video of
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what is believed to be tiger's wife ilan, where she is now. that's all coming up later on entertainment tonight. >> you can see entertainment tonight at 7:30 here on wjz. coming up, it's a rough road to the play offs for ravens quarterback joe flacco,,,
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and the season goes on and on. >> keeps ongoing, you revel in the joy of winning. but you have to take details to the things you get better at. that's at least the message from the team. the ravens do reach the play offs with a big win at oakland. the defense certainly the difference in the second half of the game. they caused those two turnover, willis mcgahee magnificent at running back. but some are asked today, what about joe flacco. he was flustered at times, completed just 11 passes for 102 yards. the raiders sacked him four times. while the ravens did almost all their damage in the running game. well today, coach john harbaugh revealed the quarterback. >> if we would have found a
6:53 pm
couple of guys blind those guys -- behind those blitzes, that would have worked a lot different. >> flacco and the ravens had their worse struggles when they netted zero yards on three drives. having to punt on each of those series. next is that play off magic at new england where coach bill belichick has concerns of his own. he lost his most productive pass catcher, receiver welker. rookie julius edelman will have to take welker's spot. >> i'm going to have to do a lot of reviewing. i'm just going to take the coach's advice and go with it. >> now these two teams meet again in foxboro and you can
6:54 pm
see it sunday right here on wjz. our coverage kicks off at 1:00. i'll be at the gillette stadium with coverage. the washington redskins fired coach jim zorn. zorn won two games in the season. the team is not wasting time looking for a replacement. coach shanahan was flown in this morning for an interview with the team. basketball can get lost in the football shuffle. in case you missed it yet. the terps picked up a win on the road in carolina.
6:55 pm
vasquez to millbourne. florida states visits college park. they're still playing basketball. >> i can't believe it. at least it's indoors. >> yeah. >> thank you mark, we'll be right back. minutes away, health care, the economy, our military, the environment, are we ready for ,,
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tonight's prime time line up. csi miami followed of course by eyewitness news. it wasn't ideal golfing weather, but chicago's eskimo open as it's called went well. the they braved 6-inches of snow. the use of colored golf balls made it easier to find the balls. and beer was replaced with a hot chocolate dispenser. >> some things are just not worth it. that would be one of them. thank you for ,,
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